Friday, August 21, 2020

Exponential Information Systems for a Data-Driven World


Today’s post is very short because I decided last month to publish this article under our new  Michelin public blog about IT.  This blog post talks about Exponential Information Systems and Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture.  The pitch about Data Strategy, Architecture and Infrastructure is very similar to what I said in the “Rise of the Data Cloud” podcast episode that was just released.

To give you a preview, here are some of the ideas that I develop in this article:

  • A target data infrastructure must follow the lambda architecture principles and support both data lakes for cold analytics and event-driven data flows for hot analytics.
  • Hot analytics is more resilient and agile, thus better suited to crisis situations such as COVID, when models trained with past data are no longer relevant.
  •  AI and Data Engineering should be embedded into system thinking : there are no obvious quick wins (at least they are very rare) while most successes are built on reinforcing loops. Data, algorithms, usage and business value are co-developed simultaneously and continuously.
  •  Advanced AI is most often hybrid AI; the most powerful integration paradigm is the “system of intelligent systems” approach.

I encourage you to visit our Michelin IT blog regularly, we see it as a platform for continuous learning, to share ideas and a passion for building the next generation of software systems.

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