Sunday, June 24, 2007

Long term Research Agenda

I have published my research agenda on my web site.

I will resume my work on OAI this summer to prepare a lecture that I need to give in October. However, my first priority is to translate my book into English.

I am currently finishing my computational experiments on Social Networks. Contrary to what I have posted on the first message of this blog, there is a fair amount of common grounds between my two research topics. Mostly, the importance of information propagation ... how is it relevant to business performance, and how does information techhnology help to achieve it.

The idea that fast is better, that reactivity is a crucial quality ... is everywhere. However, as the study of LeanSixSigma from an operations research's viewpoint shows, this is not so obvious. Lean-ness, Speed, Reactivity come at a price. It is easy to be convinced that the price is small compared to the benefits, but this argument is rarely heard.

This is a thread of thought that I will follow ... It is related both to my old job about Information Systems Efficiency and to my new job of VP in charge of business process optimization and total quality management.

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